Contact lenses have never been more comfortable or affordable.

They are now available for astigmatism, overnight wear, one-day disposable wear (now including daily lenses for astigmatism), varifocals & bifocals and lenses for those with slightly dry eyes.

As an independent practice we can supply any type of contact lens from any manufacturer and will be pleased to offer you a free trial.

Even if you have been unsuccessful in the past contact lens technology moves very fast and there will be many new lenses since you last looked.

Our expert care and quality contact lenses keep your eyes healthy and comfortable allowing you to enjoy safe contact lens wear.

Please call us to arrange a free trial or to come in and discuss any aspect of contact lenses.

Our Contact Lenses+ scheme covers all regular costs and gives you some added benefits. The monthly fee covers:

  • Contact lenses and all required solutions

  • Regular aftercare checkups

  • Extra appointments when necessary

  • 35% off any new spectacles including prescription sunglasses

  • Discounted replacement lenses

  • Free trials of new lenses

Complete care packages start from £9.50 a month. The most common monthly replacement lens with all solutions included is £21.00 per month.