We can provide routine eye examinations, which include a thorough check of the health of your eyes and an accurate prescription, investigation and treatment of acute eye problems, and other specialist services.

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Comprehensive Eye Examinations

Our comprehensive eye examination is available to everyone fully funded by the NHS.

We use the latest examination technology to aid in the detection of disease including a digital retinal camera which enables high resolution photographs of the back of your eyes to be taken and stored on computer for comparison at future examinations. You will be able to see the image on screen yourself and can even have a copy if you desire.

Your examination will be tailored to your specific circumstances - especially any history of eye conditions in you or your family and your presenting symptoms - to ensure a detailed and appropriate examination.

Instead of the uncomfortable ‘trial frame and box of lenses’ you may have experienced before we use the latest state of the art Nidek digital refractor and projection chart.

This unit contains all the lenses you could need so allows changes to be made very quickly at the touch of a button. It helps to provide quick and accurate measurement of the strength of glasses you require which is apparent in our extremely low non-tolerance incidence.

It is particularly beneficial in showing you any difference from your old glasses (three readings can be stored and you can see the difference instantly) and for children – the speed of changing lenses is useful when you may only have a few minutes of them sitting still.

Specialist Optometry

We are also able to provide emergency care for any sort of eye problem you have - from a red or painful eye to something in your eye or flashing lights. These appointments and any necessary follow-up appointments and any medication required are funded by the NHS.

Kevin Wallace is one of a small number of optometrists in the UK with the advanced qualification and experience required to diagnose and prescribe medication for any eye problem. You can get the best care at a time to suit you without a long trip to the hospital. We receive many referrals from local GPs but you can also just book directly to avoid delay.

Some of the conditions we are able to provide expert treatment for are:

  • eye infections
  • iritis
  • corneal abrasion/scratched eyes
  • foreign bodies
  • dry eyes
  • watery eyes
  • eyelid problems
  • shingles
  • and more

When required emergency appointments are available and we will be happy to see you for any problem - many are easily treatable without having to wait to see your GP or spending the day in the eye hospital.